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Logo intoSicily


Artist's Portfolio
CMS based Website

I've created the portfolio by starting with a new theme in Wordpress.
I believe that the dark mode toggle should be in every website.

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Wordpress Website
From ideation to code

For this website I've completed the ideation phase on Miro, the logo with Illustrator, the mockups with XD, the website in Wordpress and the banners with After Effects.

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Wine Producer Website CSS3/HTML5
Responsive CSS3/HTML5/Bootstrap website

I created the site with CSS, HTML and Bootstraap: fully responsive and accessible from all devises using flex, grid and media queries.

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Brand Identity
From an old to a new holiday rental website

After analysing the old intoSicily website, I redesigned it by starting with a new brand identity and logo.

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UX Designprocess
From Wireframes to Prototype

A fundamental step for each of my project is to create mockup versions before moving onto code. In this way everything can be tested before the implementation phase.

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Logos and Illustrations
The infinite power of Illustrator

Working with Adobe Illustrator is my guilty pleasure. I can create for you pixel perfect logos and illustrations with 0% frustration and 100% passion.

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Hi! I'm Giulia
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After happy years of wandering and learning around the world, I've recently chosen to grow roots in Toulouse.


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I have had a multidisciplinary education and I jumped at the first chance of exploring different places, languages and culture. All of these experiences enhanced my creativity and resourcefulness.


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While working at the IT transformation of intoSicily - an online holiday rental company - I fell in love with web design, UI|UX methodolgies and programming


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Ever since I've obtained:

  • a Web Design diploma (BAC+2) in Toulouse
  • a UI|UX certification by the Calart Instutute
  • to work on several projects, some of which you can see on this website


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Very independent by nature, no wonder remote working fits me like a glove. However I’m eager to work in team to experience the perks of being enriched by other people's perspective.


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Don't hesitate to reach out to me!

With eyes and ears on what the users need, my goal is to help you make the most accessible, intuitive and enjoyable product out of the what you have.


  • Illustrator | XD | Photoshop

  • HTML5 | CSS3

  • Vanilla PHP | Vanilla Javascript

  • After Effects | Indesign

  • Bootstrap | Wordpress

What I Do
  • Wireframes | Mockups | Prototypes

  • Websites Portfolio | Landing Pages

  • Logos | Illustrations

  • User experience tests and researches

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